Please reach out for additional details and rates for any of the following services.


  • Technique classes centering on the principles of Limon Technique.

  • Jazz technique classes rooted in Africanist aesthetics and historical context.

  • Blended technique lessons in experiential anatomy and kinesiology.

  • Residencies to set or restage original contemporary dances.

  • Seminars in curricular structure or pedagogical strategies.

  • Presentations on methods of offering effective feedback.

  • Guest choreography for musical theatre.

  • Group or private instruction in flag and dance technique.

  • Guest choreography for individual movements or entire shows.

  • Collaborations on development of program repertoire and exercises.

  • Consultations on show design pre- or mid-season.

  • Development of movement vocabulary and visual features for all sections of the band.

  • Virtual or in-person feedback on progress and achievement.